Photography – Court Snatch

DSC_0727Court Snatch – taking very quick photos of a required person to try and achieve a “mug shot” style photo

Next time I do this will try and zoom in a little as i first see him and try to focus more on the face, also would like to try and set the camera up better to get a clearer photo.


Graphics – business card examples 2

photography – michael kenna

Michael Kenna is a landscape photographer who primarily shoots in black and white to create beautiful contemporary images, he will be one of my inspirations for my project to attain some incredible images from the ordinary surroundings, follows are some examples of his work I particularly like (all images was sourced from:;

All of these photos links to my project of the waterways of hull, I would like to be able to recreate the symmetry created by the reflections which Michael has achieved and the depth just by using very simple locations.